• my 8 year-old son and i were exiting our vehicle in the westborough wal-mart parking lot earlier today. there were 2 minivans a few rows down from us who seemed to be jockeying for the same parking spot. there was some horn-blowing and a heated exchange of un-pleasantries….i asked the woman who won the spot, “oh, did they say something to you?,” as she walked by….she replied “well, i didn’t know what they were doing, they were just sitting there, so i said “FUCKIT” and pulled in.”

  • at this point said vehicle came around the lot again, and the driver (a lovely indian woman) leaned out and said “you are very rude.”

  • the winner of the parking spot screamed back triumphantly, “YEAH, because I’M an AMERICAN!!” oh, o.k. WHAT?!?!

    true story. for-real fucking ignorance. way too close to me.

  • is it any wonder i do most of my shopping on-line?

  • god save the commonwealth.


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