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“You’ve had your whole fucking life to think things over, what good’s a few minutes more gonna do you now?” -jack nicholson to shelley duvall in “the shining.”

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shiningjohhny_sm.jpgas jackĀ torrance

apparently, i have been absent. my last post {on the old ‘blogspot’ site} was octember 2006! a lot has happened since….most of it good, some of it feeling like standing quite still in the water and watching as the current rushes past me. getting centered, “squared away,” taking care of business….my lofty goals. being nudged back toward my creative self, still not quite confident enough to raise my eyes all the way up to that woman in the mirror…but i am on my way.


you will forgive my skewed graphics formatting in the archives….when i imported my old stuff, things got lost in translation. i am not sure how invested i am in correcting them….but, knowing me {and i think i do!}, i won’t be able to tolerate the dys-symmetry {is that a word? ok, it is now.} for long. bear with me. i will right the wrongs. i will also post some new and exciting photos as well. LOL. thanQ for dropping by. come and see some of me at:

exposed for all to see, {artistically speaking}