the master is back with a new novel…


for all you diehard stephen king fans who are not on the mailing list, the master of horror has gifted us with a new novel under his old pseudonym, richard bachman, entitled, “blaze.” release date in the u.s. is 12 june 2007. get all the news you need for a tasty summer read here:

mmmm….isn’t life delicious?


One Response to “the master is back with a new novel…”

  1. I used to be an avid King reader.
    Not so much these days.
    I still have books I haven’t read. Maybe vaca this year would be a good time to re-kindle my relationship with King.
    REPLY: admittedly, his writing style has changed…from all reports, when he was ‘coked up’ he told a far more compelling tale. my absolute all-time favorite: “the stand”…i would be embarrassed to reveal how many times i have re-read it. classic survival story…good v. evil…and may not be too far-fetched when it comes right down to it.
    thanks for stopping by!

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