when i signed up to be a chaperone for the fourth grade field trip to the ecotarium in worcester, i didn’t actually think i would get picked. so, here i am on a bus with approximately 40-some odd 9- and 10-year olds {roughly 1/2 of our entourage, not counting bewildered adults} on the way to woosta. despite repeated reminders that we “need to stay together,” and even though i told my six little charges that i had “webbed them,” i spent much of the day either looking for them or trying to re-group us. fast-forward to early afternoon….we have about an hour to kill before re-boarding the sweaty, crowded bus that will return us home….how is it that is takes a child forty minutes to decide how to spend $7 in a sweaty, crowded gift shop? why did the conductor on the tiny  train we rode feel compelled to tell the children that “the acoustics are really great in the tunnel, so that is when you can scream at the tops of your lungs!”? how is it that 9- and 10-year olds know “100 bottles of beers on the wall,” {also at the tops of their lungs on that long sweaty bus ride home} but can’t quite recall how to count backwards from 100?


my favorite shiny moment of the day….after hearing me complain about climbing yet another hill in search of the pathetic bred-in-captivity polar bear {if she’d had her d’ruthers, i am fairly certain she would NOT have chosen a concrete enclosure in the sweltering new england summer as her home!}, one of the boys patted me on the shoulder and said, “that’s ok, you’ll sleep good tonight!” …..ahhh, kids.


i have a renewed sense of respect and awe for teachers and busdrivers alike.


i wouldn’t have traded yesterday for all the beans in boston. i know my son will remember the day for a long time.


carpe diem!


4 Responses to “chaperone”

  1. i can’t believe that after all your busting my backside about not saying your name properly, here you come with whyonne! what’s your social start with? a three? i’m just writing to tell you that ‘100 bottles of beers on the wall’ isn’t possible. after 35 or 40 you fall off and need to finish the rest on the floor. trust me. i know.
    REPLY: h, i’ll bet when you’re a fourth-grader, you might even fall on the floor after three, eh? thanks for stopping by, friend. nice pen name, by the way! {chuckle} i miss your whacked-out sense of humour!

  2. and p.s………………. having a social that starts with a three is NOT as bad as having one that starts with a five.
    REPLY: {whew!} that makes me feel sooo much better!

  3. They originally created oxycontin for trips such as this one.
    Funny, Yvonne.
    And I understand all too well the difficulty a child has spending 7 bucks in a gift shop . . . all too well.
    REPLY: as do i, michael…it’s just mildly annoying but SO much funnier from an adult’s perspective. like i said, i wouldn’t have traded that day for all the beans in boston!

  4. I just stumbled on this post – it’s lovely. Thank you for a smile to start my day.



    thanQ for the kind compliment. i need to start tending this garden soon; it’s become overrun with weeds!
    come back anytime…

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