women in art

Women In Art

amazing!….the finest two minutes, fifty-one seconds i have ever spent on the internet!


4 Responses to “women in art”

  1. well…. I guess it’s easier than actually creating one’s own painting. Impressive in its own way, nevertheless.
    What is that wonderful cello music?
    REPLY: j: wow. if you are not moved by those images, you must have a chunk of rock for a heart! LOL
    not sure what that piece is…hauntingly beautiful, though, isn’t it?
    thanks for dropping in.

  2. I think it works well, but I wouldn’t confuse creating a slide show of other people’s art with actually creating art.
    You know as well as I do the feeling of sitting down to a blank sheet of paper…the excitement, the intimidation, the challenge.
    I guess I see it as making a mix tape of other people’s music vs. sitting down to a blank sheet and coming up with your own song.
    La La La,
    REPLY: ok, ok…i acquiesce. i am a purist in many ways…especially when it comes to calligraphy.
    {last word freak:} but it’s still phucking beautiful.

  3. PS… here’s another minute or so well spent on the ‘net:
    love the sentiment, the voice frightened me!
    thanQ for sharing that.

  4. Don’t be scared, little girl. That’s Billy Yeats himself reading.

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