“blaze” delivers, again and again….

It’s official….another delicious novel by the master of horror. i tried my best to read this slowly, to savor it, but….alas….i found myself racing through the pages. {alternately laughing out loud, jaw dropping open, and nodding at the familiarity of his decriptions of some of the wonders of growing up.}

this is classic KING….grabbing you, reeling you in and pulling you along with him, kicking and screaming, right into the story. the characters become so familiar to you, the setting so real….that you will believe just about anything that flows out of his pen. {particularly this one, where he mentions several new england locales.} just when you believe the book may be becoming formulaic and predictable, he throws you a curveball. i personally will forgive him the consistent time travel between NOW and THEN. {which started, i believe, in 1984 with the talisman, co-authored by peter straub.} additionally, there is at least one reference to a recent work….which we, Constant Readers, have hungrily come to expect.

without giving too much away, a ‘coupla’ my favorite lines from this gem:


~”July disappeared wherever used months go.”~

~”…and she smiled back. Blaze folded that smile, put it away, and kept it for years.”~

self-proclaimed “trunk novel” or not, this is king {or bachman, whomever!} at his finest. i have come to expect little else from my bangor buddy. rock on, stevie!


One Response to ““blaze” delivers, again and again….”

  1. Okay, now I’m going to have to drag my copy out of the airport shopping bag that’s been sitting in my living room for two weeks.
    you won’t be sorry.
    thanks for dropping by.

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