license renewals!

massholeholy shit, batman! the commonwealth of massachusetts is making $$$ this year. my un-birthday is fast approaching….therefore, i need to renew my: driver’s license ($40), nursing license ($80), LTC ($100)….and i understand they are taking charge of the massage therapy business, because, well…there’s money to be made. {note: there is a whole separate post on independent claims adjusters, general contractors and kickbacks that would make even ‘vinny bag-o-donuts’ blush! keep posted!} also, i just renewed my new england patriots registration/plate (? $74), camper registration ($29)…

 i received my driver’s license renewal in the mail, with instructions on how to renew. this year the powers-that-be {the federal government, ahem….closing the barn door after the horsies trotted away} are MANDATING me to change my license number to something other than my social security number. why? these numbers are far easier to obtain than most people think. and i like my SSN. it’s easy to remember, and it’s a conversation-starter…since i obtained it in the midwest when i got my first job, at age 13. {yes, harry, it starts with a “3”. LOL}

what’s amusing is the section where any changes are asked for…you know the usual: name, address, etc. apparently this year i can report any changes i may have made in gender since my last license renewal. what’s especially funny is that “additional documentation may be required.” {note: the online form states: additional information is required.} makes one wonder what the criteria is for additional documentation might be. why would one person have to provide it when another may not? the world may never know…

on the reverse side, i am REQUIRED to provide voter registration information in order to renew, including “political designation.” no problem, big brother. eventually all of this information will be contained in a microchip imbedded in the subcutaneous tissue in my forehead, and i can be done forever with filling out silly forms. maybe then we can stop worrying about identity theft. unless, of course, someone steals my forehead. LOL.

god save the commonwealth.


2 Responses to “license renewals!”

  1. At least your social doesn’t start with a 5!
    Sounds to me like you’re over qualified if you’re paying that much for that many permits! Change your name to Juanita and I bet you get it all for FREE.
    over-qualified for what? LOL.
    what does YOUR social start with?
    l & p,

  2. Are you changing your gender again?
    Maybe I should start calling you Bobbyvonne . . .
    It is amazing how much the government knows about us.
    My favorite line: “It was so cold last week that I saw a politician walking through the common with his hands in his own pockets.”

    excellent! which politician, exactly? LOL
    no plans in my immediate future for sex change, uh, or even, sex, for that matter!
    thanks for coming by. i miss you.

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