break the silence


just do it.

i am in such a strange space lately, but meeting up with a friend for lunch yesterday, i spied this brochure from the corner of my eye. “Voices for Children Bike Ride…..Break the Silence and Stop Child Sexual Abuse.” of course. what else would i do?

long ago, in a galaxy far, far away….i did these sponsorhip walks all the time….i walked for the homeless, diabetics, babies with birth defects, autism, alzheimer’s….from the time i was 13 or so. got my children involved. waved sponsorhip forms in colleague’s faces ’til i was sure they were avoiding me at lunchtime. “give ’til it hurts!,” i would joke. then, for some unknown reason, i just stopped. some small, insensitive part of me reasoned, i’m a nurse. i help people all the time. and, truly, where does this money go? is there a cure in sight? do we really make a difference?

this one spoke to me. um, in very large volumes.

so, i am registered. please hit me up via e-mail: to donate. ’tis coming up rather quickly: the 9th of girl.jpgseptember, and it’s local….worcester agencies will benefit. unfortunately, there is no online donation form. i am really unconcerned with the amount of money that i collect; it’s the show of support that would warm my cooling heart. please consider sponsoring me, or riding alongside….

so many people, so many stories. so many ruined lives. so many survivors!

hit me up! let’s ride….


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