beauty and majesty;

a single tear
traces its way down her cold cheek
in the misty dawn

memories of images and words
enveloping this place
when she believed him to be hers…

new stories unfold.

they two, advancing….then retreating
a lovely, breathless dance
ripe with passion and drama;

sentences unfinished
words unspoken

the silence fills them up
time and distance keep them close.

 words & photograph
(c) yvonne elizabeth


3 Responses to “we”

  1. very nice words and photograph!


    they came straight the heart.
    thank you for the compliment, l.
    stop by anytime!

  2. I like this very much.
    Looking forward to the story behind it.
    A “comfortable” silence can fill you up;
    a wonderful thought and I understand it.


    was it billy joel who wrote “the more i find out, the less that i know…”?
    grammatically incorrect, but fits me like a glove these days.
    and, yes, sometimes silence is like having a great conversation,
    maybe the best…
    {alison krauss: “you say it best – when you say nothing at all….”}
    aye, perhaps there is a dormant lyricist lurking somewhere within me!
    currently, i can only rely on the greatness of those before me.
    perhaps in time….

  3. very nice—very well put.



    thanQ, darlin’…
    bhur mam

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