the face of love

as promised, here is the video of: “the face of love.” this was the only version i could find…unfortunately, {especially for a visual artist such as myself}, the graphics and even the lyrics interpretation are somewhat poor. mea culpa. try to overlook the video hideosity, if you can…i strongly recommend closing your eyes.

{nota bene: i am fairly certain it’s “a separateness of skin”,
not a “separate MESS of skin”…tiny laugh.}

what makes my stony ole’ heart swell and captivates me each time i listen to it is simple and genuine: (a) jewel wrote it, (b) her voice is astoundingly lovely, (c) the lyrics speak directly to my heart, and (d) the harmony, vocal and 2nd lead vocals are sung by none other than jewel’s mother, alto “nedra” {lenedra} carroll.
this beautiful union of mother and daughter singing together
is an unfathomable joy to me.
ok, enough gushing…enjoy.

it’s not just for christmas –  {ooops, there’s that “C” word again…} 

* i believe you will find the face of love
each and every day, if you just look.*

…this CD was released in 1999; jk was a mere 23 years old

wishing you love and peace,
yvonne elizabeth


One Response to “the face of love”

  1. the snow is beautiful, mum-and the song is gorgeous. i love you.



    let’s learn it and record our own version!
    i love you, too…
    ~ bhur mam

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