never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups


hmmm….where to begin?

yesterday i got an urgent phone call from the vice-principal of my son’s {public} school. when he didn’t reach the landline {yep, still have one!}, he called my cell phone. apparently they had to confiscate a weapon from my 10 year-old son.

“my God!” i exclaimed {eyes rolling upward},”did anyone get hurt?”

the weapon in question was an M-16 assault rifle…
um, made by HASBRO for…
um, G.I. Phucking Joes.

they wouldn’t give it back to him. they insisted i drive to the school to pick it up. wouldn’t send it home in a sealed envelope. no, sir. had to go pick it up, because it “raised some eyebrows.”

above is a photo of the reason my son got “in trouble” at school yesterday. now i feel compelled to do some lengthy internet research to discover just how many serial killers played with G.I. Joes as children.

“well, ya know, bubba, you just cain’t be too careful these days.”
those are MY tax dollars, hard at work, baby.

as stephen king would say, “fuck me freddy.”


13 Responses to “never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”

  1. You have got to be kidding me. Wait… Were they afraid he would poke somebody in the eye with it??



    maybe they were afraid he would poke somebody in the I.Q.
    heh, heh.
    honestly, sis, he was making no aggressive actions whatsoevah.
    they just didn’t want to “raise any eyebrows.”

    love you –

  2. A quick survey of my coworkers and we all agree you need to move out here to the Wild, Wild West, baby. Get out of Taxachusetts!



    darlin’, i would leave massivetwoshits in a heartbeat,
    but -alas- i can’t for another 7.5 years.
    will y’all wait for me?

    ~ yer baby sistah

  3. heyvonne!

    sometimes people see what they want to see instead of what they should see. it’s only humans making human choices because they’ve lost touch with reality. if the (dipshit) principal took a little more time and consulted with the teachers about your son’s content of character they might have been able to chuckle about this little 2 inch misunderstanding. most of the teachers are so worried that they haven’t put out the required amount of lessons that they too fail to connect with students enough to even realize the content of character. check that teacher for dirty knees.

    i used to play with g.i. joe stuff but we never used to take anything to school. back then older kids would steal it from you. yep older kids that probably went on to become (dipshit) principals. now they’re stealing time and gratuities from other teachers who want pay raises.

    it’s strange that teachers aren’t passing guns out in class to help our young ones learn what the politicians and large oil companies want them to do when they turn eighteen. according to them, it’s okay for them to kill foreigners who don’t agree with our policies and infringements. hey, since the majority of this country is made up of foreigners, they might as well let them have at it right here. why travel overseas to kill when you can wipe out the next door neighbor, who according to native americans is technically foreign anyway.

    why do mostly the poor people get shot? why don’t they kill the rotten politicians and thieving police? they’re the ones that slander the reality of freedom.

    it’s strange that we pledge allegiance to a nation which is under god? what’s he doing with it? is he wiping his ass with it? or is he using it for a drop cloth? either way the message is that our children can grow up to become soldiers and use guns and weapons of mass destruction to promote freedom. that makes so much sense i that i would guess being in a gang and using guns should be legal too.

    have we evolved beyond apes yet? actually apes work out everyday and eat organic food. they swing until they drop dead. none of them drink, do drugs or beat women and children. they like you they’ll let you know, they don’t and they let you know that too, but nobody dies because of it.

    plastic guns aren’t real. maybe that’s why they were upset? maybe it wasn’t something that could end up in the evening news and promote the ratings?

    all this talk about guns is getting me fired up. i thinks i’ll get something to eat and then watch a movie… maybe a tarzan movie.

    ugh ungowa cheetah no play with gun. tarzan yells and elephants stampede through the safari tents squashing the little buggers before they can raise a rifle. nice story huh?

    i think i love authority.




    hey m!
    thanks for dropping by and giving me a shout. mmm, quite a lungful, it was!
    i always appreciate your commentary.
    my blog stats are gonna be OFF DA CHARTS after this comment.
    (does me getting a tiny bit excited over that make me a ratings ho?)
    l & p,

  4. ratings are measured by the amount of sex it takes to misinterpret the bible. just ask huckabee what he had in his mitt last night. i guess when hillary heard she came in third she spit up all over her dress.. but that only increased bill’s ratings.
    ooooooobama i forgot what i was going to say.



    for once i may be speechless.
    {oh why can’t the candidates say that?}
    thanks again for stopping by…
    i have a feeling there’s a blogpage in your future. ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~ y

  5. i’m surprised they didn’t air it on the local news. UNbelievable.



    you said it, sweetie!
    our tax dollars, hard at work.
    micromanaging the minutia {minutiae? plural? channing, hit me up!}
    in the meanwhile, kids with real issues are swept aside.
    hmmm, no real surprises here.
    thanQ for stopping by…
    bhur mam

  6. We’re all forgetting about the real victim here. Poor ol’ Joe is probably gonna get court-marshalled for losing his weapon.



    aye, what was i thinking?
    not to mention that mrs. joe will probably lose interest since he no longer has a weapon of substantial proportion.
    thanQ, kind stranger, for dropping by…
    your page is fairly fascinating.
    loved the “you were looking for…?”
    which leads me to my next thought,
    what search term did you use to find my post? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    hope to see you again,
    ~ y

  7. I considered making something up (like “How do I seduce an extra-terrestrial?”), but that would be wrong. Our point of contact is Mike of S&M.



    hats off to ~m, then!
    i am not entirely certain that your made-up tag would have re-directed you to my site anyway.
    thanQ again for visiting.
    my door is always open.

  8. Only one thing to do – hire a lawyer and sue Hasbro (or whoever makes GI Joe) for producing an obviously dangerous toy and marketing it to children. The mental anguish that your son went through while being deemed a villainous pariah is worth a few million dollars, I’d say…



    …and a few million for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚
    all this unadulterated b.s makes me want to run and hide…
    or at least home-school!
    dude, thanQ for stopping by this ‘realm of the self-absorbed’….{chuckle}
    love & peace,
    ~ whyvonne

  9. Reason # 896 why I don’t have children…dealing with crazy school folks.

    great place you have here, just visiting via Smoke & Mirrors. I knew you would be great with a recommendation like that!



    thanQ for your kind compliments.
    reason #47 for having children: they carry your groceries for you. {chuckle.}
    seriously, i wouldn’t trade this child for all the beans in boston!
    so glad you came by; hope to see you again!
    – yvonne

  10. In my town, the elementary school is so paranoid. they staged a play that involved a knife fight. The Director bought small, plastic prop knives with retractable blades: cheap, plastic, dull, couldn’t hurt someone is you tried. He was FIRED for giving weapons to children! Then, when they did the play, the whole pivotal scene, the death of one of the main characters and a pivotal point in their little production was omitted for “the safety of the children”.



    speechless, i am.
    society has taken a total leave of its senses.
    what frightens me is when they are miss the red flags of the children who end up doing the actual killing, and focus on the benign stuff like this.
    thanks so much for dropping by!
    – yvonne

  11. One more sad example of the wussification of America.


    wussification? yeah.
    unfortunately, in my experience, most public schools suck some serious ass.
    …and the saga continues…
    thanQ again for your visit!

  12. Tell your son to keep the damn thing on his keychain next time. :mrgreen:
    I’m gobsmacked to be honest.
    Don’t these people have anything better to do with their time?
    For Cripes sake . . .
    Kyknoord’s comment killed me, but then again his comments usually do.
    We got some action here at Y’s place!



    home schoolin’ just keeps looking better & better..

    i agree wholeheartedly on k’s comments…

    look for some fresh ‘Why’ any day now!

  13. Reblogged this on what lies within and commented:

    reblogging since his situation had gotten so much more phucking ridiculous. the pendulum over-swings, far reaching to both sides…and never stopping in the oh-so-appropriate middle.

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