weapons of grass destruction

no words necessary here. enjoy!


3 Responses to “weapons of grass destruction”

  1. Damned the masses.
    Tom Brady is beautiful!!!!!!
    And yes, HE’S MINE! BITCH!!!!!
    Great video!



    M squared,
    you are too phucking phunny!
    following the win over the chargers yesterday,
    all the pats are beautiful. particularly faulk and samuel.
    super bowl bound and lovin’ it,

  2. […] ps. And yeah, Tom Brady IS beautiful¬† […]

  3. your no-less-than-amazing daughter Says:

    that video is a GD’d riot. fabulous.



    glad you enjoyed it.
    thanQ for dropping in, and commenting,
    a chailin mo chroi…
    bhur mam

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