help. my inner child is demanding an iPhone…


yes, it’s true. needy little bitch won’t let it go, either.

this has nothing to do with reason or responsibility or The Right Thing.

i just want it.


3 Responses to “help. my inner child is demanding an iPhone…”

  1. Be smart… Wait for the next version. This one is lacking some basic features. Or at least wait to buy the old one cheap, when the new one comes out.


    whoever said my inner child was intelligent? 🙂 …or, will listen to reason?

    i can’t believe you actually commented in this “realm of the self-absorbed”! {chuckle}

    thanQ for the advice. i’ll consult with the “needy lil bitch”and get back to ya!
    come back and visit soon!

  2. your no-less-than-amazing daughter Says:

    don’t do it!!!!!



    hmmm…this is kind of fun; when i told YOU not to do stuff when you were younger, you…listened to reason?


    love you!
    ~ bhur mam

  3. your no-less-than-amazing daughter Says:

    also, my sound advice is—wait until they come out with the new one and buy the newer version of the old one (they always perfect the “classic” after they bring out the new one).



    a lot of people are saying the same thing, however, no one can offer me any specifics about the features that are lacking. plus the 16 gig just came out, and there have been upgrades/updates made available for download. {needy inner child can jusify anything!}…hey, know anyone who wants to buy my iPod?

    bhur mam

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