what is this ‘customer service’ you speak of?


i love this one…


3 Responses to “what is this ‘customer service’ you speak of?”

  1. I would be screwed!



    aye, you and me both, sister!
    the ultimate revenge…

    thanQ again for stopping in.
    – y

  2. Talk about something Verizon totally deserves :mrgreen:



    yes. just the thought of utilizing their voice-automated phone system makes me nauseous…


    five american dollars to the first brainiac to solve this and tell me the correct amount…

  3. i can think of a few here in oz i’d like to send one of these to!
    as to the amount, i’d be thinking it comes in somewhere in the negative…and perhaps deservedly so…



    yes. not sure what customer service is like “down under,” but here it is a frustrating, time-consuming automated nightmare. those of us who remember a time when “the customer was always right” and you had actual interaction with the small business owner are appalled. going through my own private customer service hell with toshiba as we speak.

    thanQ again for stopping by!

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