now my life is complete.


ok, so it doesn’t take all that much, apparently.  😉

now i can justify eating cookies for breakfast. or, more aptly, QUAKER has justified it for me. i won’t go on and on about pandering to the lowest common denominator, or how people would buy dawgshit if it was properly packaged…or had the propah celebrity endorsement…

just pass the milk, please…LOL. life is good.


One Response to “now my life is complete.”

  1. j.somebody Says:

    I don’t know about them there cookies, but Quaker makes an awesome Oatmeal to Go [which probably has about the same ingrediments as the Cookie]. And I have one each and every workday morning. Unless I opt for the Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cake muffin instead.

    You may consider this a celebrity endorsement.

    BTW, how do I get my photo to appear in the little box next to my comment?



    these cookies phucking ROCK!
    thanQ for the celebrity endorsement.
    have your people call my people about the photo thang.
    {just kidding…i think you have to register a BLAWG to have a photo!}
    click on “” for more info.
    thanQ for dropping by, and checking in on me.
    i appreciate it. lots.
    – y

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