sheryl crow

from the good ole’ days, before
all-pop “i wanna soak up the sun” tiger beat
love song days…

“i light your cigarette
i bring you apples from the vine
how quickly you forget
i run the bath and pour the wine
i’d bring you everything that floats into your mind

but you don’t bring me anything but down
no, you don’t bring me anything but down
when you come ’round

you are a raging sea
i pull myself out every day
i plead insanity
coz i can’t leave and i can’t stay

you say “won’t you come find me,”
and “yes” is what i say

well, maybe i’m not your perfect kind
maybe i’m not what you had in mind
and maybe we’re just killin’ time…

you with your silky words
and your eyes of green and blue
you with your steel beliefs
that don’t match anything you do;
it was so much easier
before you became you

no more playing seek and hide
no more long and wasted nights
can’t you make it easy on yourself?

i know you wish
you were strong
you wish you were never wrong
well, i’ve got some wishes
of my own…”

sing it, angry sheryl!
hell hath no fury… 


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