silent house

…listening to the ‘chicks’ earlier today; this song always tugs at my heartstrings.

my own paternal grandmother crossed over in 2004 after battling alzheimer’s disease.

i’ve rendered the lyrics in calligraphy; take a peek.


2 Responses to “silent house”

  1. Nice tune. Dix Chix?
    Damn, they sound good.



    they are amazing musicians.
    they have grown so much since they dared to open their mouths, once, in a galaxy far far away…

    this tune is about natalie’s gramma who suffered from a.d., and walking through her empty house after she had crossed over…

    thanQ for dropping by!
    nice to see you, as always…

  2. After reading the words, I meant to comment again.
    yeah, a tune about AD, a very sad tune as well.
    Don’t listen to the chix much but this one is a definite keeper.



    beautifully written and performed.
    my favorite line:
    “…the books that you read
    are in scattered piles of paper shred.”

    such a wonderful tribute.
    thanQ again for your comments.

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