counting syllables…



…delicious torment.

hope: building, mounting, surging…

plummeting once more.


…her very first hai-KU!
{um, god bless you.}


3 Responses to “counting syllables…”

  1. I like it.
    Like that picture, too.
    Hmmm, it seems a bit familiar.
    {tapping fingers} where have I seen that? 😉
    Nice job, Y
    Took a bit of time, didn’t it? Fun though.


    thanks, ~m
    yes, i totally ripped off that photo from one of yer old posts.
    it seemed so appropriate for this dark little haiku.

    a work in progress,
    – yvonne in A minor

  2. pseudonymblog Says:

    Was flipping through random blogs, and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog!


    well, this blog is about as random as they get {chuckling}…
    i am glad you liked it.
    thanQ for stopping by!
    stay tuned as i may actually produce some fresh WHYvonne…

  3. There is nothing like a well written haiku. From one haikuist to another good job.


    well, thanQ kindly, suh!
    as a virgin haikuist, i certainly appreciate your appreciation.
    please dew drop inn again!

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