frequent flyer

looks like i’ve found a new place to hang out on the internet! i bookmarked “the free dictionary” long ago, when i had a dispute with an arrogant friend over the correct spelling of a seldom-used word.

recently, while re-editing some Fresh Whyvonne, i needed a synonym so as not to repeat the same adjective thrice in a paragraph…and re-visited the site. i am not entirely certain whether the page had been updated, or i just summarily dismissed all the clutter the first time ’round.

have a look for yourself! the page content is customizable; there is HANGMAN {i can never resist!}, a SPELLING BEE with easy, hard and expert words {although i disagree with the audio~dude’s pronunciation of some words}, WORD OF THE DAY, a WORD LIST {you can personalize and track recent search items}, MATCH UP, ARTICLE  OF THE DAY, THIS DAY IN HISTORY, QUOTATION OF THE DAY…

i am impressed! it certainly kick’s yahoo’s “word of the day”‘s ass six ways to sunday! {huh?} plus it’s just a handy on-line reference…

i plan on visiting often. go see for yourself…


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