ascent and descent

sitting side by side on the picnic table, in the clearing near the parking area at the base of the mountain, they shared an organic brew that boasted one of his photographs. the landscape image that had been “flopped, cropped and photoshopped” dominated the label.

she was at once proud of him, and perhaps just a little jealous.

her attempt at under-apologizing was futile; she knew in her heart of hearts that this hike was more than just a little ambitious for her. her frequent stops to catch her breath and slow her heart thudding maddeningly in her chest didn’t seem to bother him…he had even taken her pack from her partway up the mountain to make it easier for her.

as they sat together, recovering, in a companionable silence, he announced that he had planned on saving this particular bottle for a special occasion – and this was it.

she was at a loss for words.

abruptly, she confessed:
“i never intended to re-appear; my only intention was to disappear.”
with that she excused herself and walked to the far side of the clearing, hearing him say,
“…and then she disappeared again…”

she chuckled inwardly. she adored his sense of humor, even though the subject matter wasn’t at all funny. as if her words could even touch on an explanation of why she had been in absentia for six weeks.

what had caught her eye across the lawn was several piles of snow; such an odd sight on this unseasonably hot day! she reached the snow, and bending down, scooped up a handful, smiling as she shaped it into a snowball. it was the perfect consistency! she turned and walked back toward him, feeling the gritty ice already beginning to melt in her hands. when she reached him, her hands were icy cold and dripping; she tenderly touched his sunburned arms with her wet cold hands, loving the contrast of it…her cold hands on his hot skin…then she gently bathed his neck, his ears…




6 Responses to “ascent and descent”

  1. That’s beautiful. Your writing brings tears to my eyes. I feel as though I’m right there with you, watching, listening, waiting… Truly amazing.



    wow! i am verklempt!
    thanQ so much for dropping by and commenting, my friend.
    it means a lot to me.
    ~ y

  2. Now I am patiently waiting to hear what else happens to the snowball.



    truth is stranger than fiction.
    thanQ for reading!

  3. mountains, mystery, alone in the woods, snowballs, hot skin . . .
    I feel a Van Halen song coming on :mrgreen:
    Nice, Y


    thanQ for the compliment, dear friend…
    but i am afraid you’ve lost me on the VH reference…
    link me up, scotty!

  4. *Panama went through my head. Strange, huh? :mrgreen:
    I know it still makes no sense.
    I need more coffee . . .



    ok, so i went and looked up the lyrics to ‘panama’;
    you were truthin’….still don’t make no sense.

  5. as cool as the snowball itself
    wonderful write



    what’s even cooler is it’s all true!
    thanQ so much for your lovely comment.

    this excerpt came spilling out of me on the ride home alone from the mountain. {actually, it’s the only and best part of the day i can remember; much of the rest of it i was pretty hypoxic! LOL}

    thanQ again for reading and commenting!

  6. “She chuckled inwardly…”

    i like……….




    not surprising…another leo!
    thanQ for the compliment…
    stop by anytime!
    ~ y

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