mother’s day


      during those early dearest days

            i did not dream that you had

                  a large life which included me,

                        for i had a life

                              which was only you.

~ maya angelou


5 Responses to “mother’s day”

  1. That is a wonderful photo. Hope your Mother’s Day is a good one.



    thanQ for the wish…’twas a gorgeous day!
    in that shot, i am the bald one on the right.
    just scowling and dreaming about hair, i reckon…or the burdens of staying upright…:)
    photos such as these are so precious to me because there are so few.

  2. Wonderful post.
    Hoping your day was brilliant.



    thanQ and thanQ!
    did some cycling with my son at wells state park in sturbridge.
    lovely day, beautiful weather…
    being a mom is the best volunteer gig EVER! 😉

  3. your mom (guessing from the comments) looks lovely. What a waist, I’d just pray for that now let alone after kids! Hope your day was great!


    yes, the lovely lady is none other than me mam, carole
    * sigh *…back in the day

    thanQ for the visit! nice to see you, as always!
    – y

  4. Shevawn Says:

    That’s a great picture – we’ve perfected the scowl. Once again, Maya Angelou is brilliant. I love you, little sis.



    yes and yes, she is brilliant.
    i love you, too…
    never sure what i would have done trying to grow up without you.
    – yvonne

  5. it good we have someone to look up 2

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