miss madeleine

* * happy birthday, little one *


may your days be filled with wonder & happiness
your life with promise, discovery & true friendship
and most importantly, love…

…and may you always live in the absence of fear

“tum do anam sa ghra”
~ bhur seanmháthair


6 Responses to “miss madeleine”

  1. the mum of madeleine Says:

    very sweet!



    agreed. she is lovely.
    thank you for stopping in!
    bhur mam

  2. Alright, you know me.
    I looked at the picture and immediately thought, “Somebody, please start CPR!”
    Beautiful words, just hope I didn’t totally ruin the mood of the post.
    If I did, please feel free to savagely edit my comment . . . 😉



    i would never savagely edit your comments.
    scratch my head and think “WTP?” sometimes…
    like the van halen comment on my ‘mountain’ excerpt…LOL

    the only reason you thought “CPR” is because you are so overdue for your re-cert.

    thanQ for swinging through.

  3. look at the curls…oh what a doll!



    i must agree…wholeheartedly.
    thanQ for dropping by!

  4. What a beautiful child! The curls alone are breathtaking, but add those eyes?? WOW! A happy belated birthday..
    Great pic…



    thanQ! this photo was taken by her mam, danielle dugan…

  5. it is no small thing
    when they,
    who are so fresh from God,
    love us.

    ~ charles dickens

    ** look for this rendered in calligraphy soon at my artsite.

  6. can’t wait to see it.
    I’ll be looking.
    Massage tomorrow anytime? Late afternoon or early evening?
    Let me know.

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