yvonne, at 47.91666

these days are my summer
i shall not want

i will lie down in green pastures
and dream as the clouds float by,
feeling the wind caress my skin

i will attend concerts and shows
and celebrate the wonder of gifted musicians

i will go barefoot as often as possible
and feel the earth embrace my skin

i will absorb the sunshine
and marvel in its healing rays

i will stay up late
and awaken at the last possible moment

i will go for long lazy stolls through wooded areas
and let my thoughts ebb and flow,
as easily as the oceantide

i will exalt over the bounty of the season
reveling in the sweet taste of fresh summer fruit, freshly caught fish
and the occasional oh-so-necessary ice cream cone

i will recline as i see fit,
and Do Nothing,
and Not Bother

i will accept every invitation
without reservation
or hesitation
to go forth and recreate

so i can gather these happy, tired
sand-encrusted, SPF-scented memories
and recall them in the deadness of my winter

yea, though i walk
through the valley of the shadow
of No Accrued Vacation Time,
i shall not fear
 i will seize each day
and let each day seize me!


9 Responses to “yvonne, at 47.91666”

  1. Let me guess . . . Lowell State Park? Who was playing? I was there 2 weeks ago for R.Thompson.



    yeah….no. 😉
    ’twas my favorite band, 9Teen {the “steely dan tribute band”}
    rocking Washington Pahk in lovely Groton, CT.
    the doll sitting aside me is their female vocalist, Lisa
    (my birthday sistah!) during their “chicago” set

  2. yvonne – this is very well done, and i like it, although more religous sorts may find it a desecration. yet, it proves you do read the bible, with fruitful results. G



    thanQ for your kind compliments!
    i was raised up catholic…
    just entering a new phase of self-discovery
    letting go of old restrictions,
    annd learning to enjoy this life,
    without apology or reservation.

  3. hmmm. maybe I woulda dug Steely Dan better if they had had a female vocalist in the first place.



    yeah….no. 😉
    they do a lot of other stuff:
    van morrison, EWF, don henley, stevie wonder
    she rocks more various and sundry “other stuff” as lead
    y’all oughta come out and get a taste for youself!
    i guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
    l & p,
    – y

  4. If only the keyboard player could sing . . . :0)
    I love this post for so many reasons, Y
    You embrace all that is good and right with the summer season.
    I do wish that I still had the voice I did 15 years ago.
    Middle age and acid reflux is a total bitch!!!!
    Really great post and nice pic of you and Lisa
    (now there’s a gal that needs some vocal lessons, huh? :mrgreen: )


    m squared,
    your voice is still amazing! so what if you can’t get some of the high ones?
    now i feel sad that i mentioned it at all. 😦
    you still phucking rock!
    yeah, the photo was taken by none other than BeenJammin…
    and, man, can that girl sing!

    will send some photos to y’all when i get finished editing
    love & peace,

  5. “yea, though i walk
    through the valley of the shadow
    of No Accrued Vacation Time,”

    about to burn mine up. got one week saved and I’m gonna spend it at the beach, moreover, at a tiki bar at the beach.
    and try not to think about what I don’t want to think about (WORK)



    just do it! Do Nothing, and Don’t Bother!
    your job is not all you are about.
    i am happy for you that you can get away.
    enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!
    – y

  6. Its PERFECT.

    Thanks for sharing. Love it, love it, love it…….. love it.




    you are so welcome!
    your enthusiastic response made my day!
    thanQ for dropping by!
    do come again.

  7. oh, yeah…

    i have a calculator, and i’m not afraid to use it!

  8. Hello Whyvonne, I’ve seen you around at Michael’s and others’ blogs. I had a question about this photo, specifically the person with the tattoo. Is that you? Maybe you can answer my question. Would you send me an email?



    hi, thanQ for dropping by
    NOT me in the photo; i am the aging red-haired girl on the left 🙂
    girl with tattoo was already ID’d in post, maybe TMI, will check with Herself
    will e-mail you privately

  9. Okay, well, I see you’ve been by but I haven’t gotten an email so maybe I freaked you out (or maybe I didn’t log in correctly, leaving an email for you to follow – sorry). I just was wondering if the tattoo covered a medical scar or tattoo. I wanted to talk to someone who already had one as I was thinking of getting one to cover up a medical tat. I would’ve emailed you myself but I didn’t see a link to contact you.



    personal e-mail on its way to you
    i guess i don’t have my e-mail listed on the ‘blog
    will add it to my “about” page


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