thanQ !

a hearty and heartfelt “thanQ” to
those of you who touched my life
in some way this weekend!
{oh, yeah…you know who you are.}

it was a beautiful and memorable
birthday weekend,
to be sure.

humbled, grateful and amazed…
~ yvonne elizabeth

* um, who gives the best birthday gifts?
YEAH, i do!
…this year it had to be this
since i used up my other three sets
creating a personalized accent table!


2 Responses to “thanQ !”

  1. Yvonne. I love you and always will. Happy Birthday, Dad



    i love you, too…
    it’s disgusting just how much! 😉

    ~ yvonne elizabeth

  2. Happy Birthday, kiddo.
    Still dreaming about that massage last week.
    Good stuff.
    Hope your day was brilliant.


    thanQ, m squared!
    and, you’re so welcome! have you been stretching those calves?
    next time, thai…

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