motivational lithographs

i’ve been framed!

thanQ to my daughter’s friend brett, whom i have never even met,
for this “motivational” frame-up he designed on his myspace!
{not realizing i am actually a GMILF!…chuckle}

being 48 rocks!


2 Responses to “motivational lithographs”

  1. I won’t even say what I thought I read initially on the jpeg.
    God, I am so warped.
    Must have been the MILFS thing . . .
    hope you’re well.
    massage someday? Thai later?



    yeah, well, the whole thing is warped
    er, which is why i like it to begin with {LOL}.
    massage, yes…
    Thai? hell, yes…
    thanQ for dropping by!
    talk soon…

  2. I know it’s old etc but you do realize what MILF means? Anywhoo, you do look attractive 😉

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