conflicted, northampton


on holiday from this and many other things…

please excuse me while i try to figure out just exactly whatthephuck i think i’m doing. because, seriously, i thought i knew…


2 Responses to “taciturn”

  1. . . . thought of you today. It was raining so goddamn hard I had to pull out that bright blue umbrella you gave me once upon a time 🙂


    …so sweet.
    raining in my heart these days.
    thanQ for checking in, doll.

  2. I understand, Y
    Email me, if you need to.
    I’m always here. You know that.
    Going to get my shovel.
    It never stops snowing around here, huh?



    it never stops snowing in here, either.
    thanQ for your support. it means a lot to me.
    you may want to wait for the book,
    the movie won’t do this justice.

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