a little holiday humor

enjoy this two minute video clip, made me actually laugh out loud.

i am not doing a lot of that these days, and i expect the next few posts will be a deep prussian blue.

happy first night of hanukkah to my friends who practice.

love & peace,


One Response to “a little holiday humor”

  1. LOL.
    God, I needed this almost as much as I need a shoulder massage.
    Shit, this was funny.
    I felt bad for the pooch at the end of the video.
    Maybe he’s lucky, huh?
    Hope your holiday was Merry.
    Not a clue what’s going to happen tomorrow night at Point Breeze.
    Phucking snow . . .




    massage? i happen to know a pretty good therapist.
    sorry we missed the Breeze.
    i was committed to coccooning and forgetting.
    hope to see you soon.

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