unit 28

dark and dimming
so hopelessly sans hope,
you tried your hand again

what can i do for you? my plaintive wail
“put me back in your womb.”

helpless, shaking, spun around
feelings overwhelm and
i coccoon myself…

saturated with details
meetings, and calls
playing the game,
repeating your name
it’s all the same

i am here for you.
i fight for you, i comfort you
i cry for you, would die for you.
but who will save me?


One Response to “unit 28”

  1. “but who will save me?”
    Very deep and emotional post.
    Don’t want to overstep my bounds but there is someone out there
    just dying to save you as I type this.
    Believe that.
    Sometimes it’s the believing that gets us to tomorrow.
    Keep the faith.



    thanQ for, well, being you…
    i am always astounded at the reservoir of strength i am afforded.
    just when i think i am at my end,
    a new reason to hope presents itself.

    love & peace,
    ~ y

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