front page!

thanks to all who came out on saturday evening 
to the reception for “new beginnings”
at the
sturbridge coffeehouse

thank you to pia and jen
for the opportunity…

thanks also to jonathan cook
of the
sturbridge town common
for the story…

and thank you to bruce and michael
for the lovely acoustic tunes,
particularly “body of my soul”…
(i only hope i can do
the background vocals justice…)

love & peace,
~ yvonne


4 Responses to “wow.”

  1. shevawn Says:

    You go, girl! I am proud of you, little sister, that you are doing the things you love.

    * REPLY:

    …and loving the things that i do!
    thanQ, big sister…
    only wish you were closer so i could share them with you.

    i love you…
    ~ y

  2. danielle Says:

    it’s so good to see you succeeding at something that makes you feel good creatively. love you, mom.



    thanQ for dropping in…
    i hope you can attend the next opening.

    ~ bhur mam

  3. lisa coffey Says:

    Sister, I couldn’t be more impressed! Wow!
    Love you,



    …sometimes i even amaze myself.
    only wish you could have been here.
    i love you.
    ~ y

  4. Dianne McGrath Says:

    Hey, Yvonne!
    How did it go Sat. night? Sorry I didn’t show ~~
    Great write-up in the paper. And good publicity for your son, too! I will try to get over there this month to see your show.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Think of you often.



    thanQ, sweet friend.
    hope to see you soon, show or no…
    let’s do Thai!
    love & peace,
    ~ y

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