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A ghost of someone’s tragedy

How recklessly my time has been spent…

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 This life is short, they say

Make every day count, they say…

Live in the moment, they say.


How then

Can I allow this grief to consume me

This inexplicable sadness

to stop me in my tracks

and render me inert?


My end

Could possibly be

as unglamorous

as a fat wet toad

Being run over by a reckless car


Or slipping away


After weeks of chemotherapy

 The smell of disinfectant and despair

Hanging thick and knowing

In the atmosphere

rife with cool, clinical detachment




Always alone


How then,

Does the human body continue to function

When engulfed with seemingly endless sadness, grief and pain?



cold, cold heart.

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every time she heard that icy winter wind heave and blow, the plastic sheeting on the windows whistle and breathe…

with the fury and force of the fourth blizzard of 2015, her heart died just a little more…for the man she made leave

justified though she may be
for handling things so properly

explosive anger, fear and loathing

her cowering and oppression now coming to an end

did not equalize the suffering
of her sending out her best friend

into the worst weather ever

…and her fragile, pounding heart melted into a puddle, sliding down past her knees

onto the floor