about the author…


I AM NOT:                                                                                                              yvonne1.jpg
a drinker
a smoker
a midnight toker
your mother
a doormat
a girly-girl
vacuous and vapid
a material girl
a reality show fan

a word “freak”
a professional
a huge Stephen King fan!
a Scrabble fanatic
an above-average pool player
an excellent salad and omelette chef
a good listener
very passionate
creative and conscientious

ok,  i totally cheaped out and copied and pasted that from my ‘craigslist’ personals ad, circa june 2006. that’s not all there is to know about me, but it’s a start. i will have to give this some serious thought about how much people really need to know, then re-post, or add to this posting.

* * *the funniest part about that posting is, i signed it, “spank you very much for reading my posting,” which lead to an onslaught of replies from men far and wide who {not-so-secretly} wish to be spanked. my intention was just to be slightly amusing….not to take every 40-something dude in south central massachusetts over my knee. LOL.

more later….


P.S. if you’d like to e-mail me, i check this one frequently:


3 Responses to “about the author…”

  1. I just checked out the house, that’s terrible…
    thanQ for dropping by.
    waiting for my silver lining to be revealed….

  2. wow…unreal pics….your pics on the other hand are nice though 🙂
    im liking the guitar ones, and i looovvve jewel too lol
    feel free to email me back if u like…..was nice talking with you today….glad ur back home
    thanQ for dropping by…
    it’s always nice to see a familiar face.
    i, too, am glad to be back home…
    even living in the camper!
    having some sort of comfort zone is priority right now.
    talk soon,

  3. cheryl hayward parker Says:

    Hi Yvonne-
    I found you on MYSPACE but I have no account. Hope you’re well. It was so nice to see you on MYSPACE. Its been a long time. Did you get to any reunions from high school? I have not yet. I found quite a few classmates on Facebook. Take care…



    please drop by anytime…
    it’s always nice to see a familiar face.

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