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one shot a day…

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this idea was totally STOLEN from my buddy BJ Hill,
who just turned 33 (gasp!)…

since life does indeed seem to pass by in the blink of an eye…

i am going to attempt to post one photograph from my life each and every day…

i hope you enjoy these moments as much as i enjoy capturing them!

 ~ WHYvonne


this shot came about as a result of a recent camping trip to
myles standish state forest in carver, massachusetts.
while making a list of necessary equipment to take along,
one wiseguy in our party jokingly suggested,

“everybody bring ONE shirt, ONE pair of shorts, ONE pair of socks…”

to which 12 year old benjamin replied enthusiastically,
“YES !…we change on wednesday!”

which led yours truly to make everyone a
t-shirt bearing that sentiment.

(it actually DID become a contest
to see who got the DIRTIEST by week’s end…
we all showered daily but wore the same
white t-shirt ONLY while at the campground!!)

you gotta love kids at this age.
EVERYTHING is funny.



unit 28

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dark and dimming
so hopelessly sans hope,
you tried your hand again

what can i do for you? my plaintive wail
“put me back in your womb.”

helpless, shaking, spun around
feelings overwhelm and
i coccoon myself…

saturated with details
meetings, and calls
playing the game,
repeating your name
it’s all the same

i am here for you.
i fight for you, i comfort you
i cry for you, would die for you.
but who will save me?

daddy 06-15-08

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happy father’s day









to you, JRA, 
my hero-
larger than life;
the first man i ever loved…
the only one that calls me “baby”
my daddy

i’ll love you forever
i’ll like you for always
as long as i’m living
my baby you’ll be!                                         ~rm


miss madeleine

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* * happy birthday, little one *


may your days be filled with wonder & happiness
your life with promise, discovery & true friendship
and most importantly, love…

…and may you always live in the absence of fear

“tum do anam sa ghra”
~ bhur seanmháthair

mother’s day

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      during those early dearest days

            i did not dream that you had

                  a large life which included me,

                        for i had a life

                              which was only you.

~ maya angelou

silent house

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…listening to the ‘chicks’ earlier today; this song always tugs at my heartstrings.

my own paternal grandmother crossed over in 2004 after battling alzheimer’s disease.

i’ve rendered the lyrics in calligraphy; take a peek.


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for all the crazy unadulterated bullshit that fell on my shoulders this past year, there is a wealth of goodness, beauty and grace that i have been blessed with, and feel compelled to acknowledge…

  • no-less-than-amazing offspring, pursuing their dreams, nurturing their families
  • the long-distance love of family
  • being privileged to work with the most ill of patients; so bittersweet…
  • a gentle prodding back towards my creative self
  • a fat lazy yellow lab named JACK, who believes that all food was placed on this earth solely for his eating pleasure
  • sunshine; the promise of a new day…the stars, another promise
  • old and new/renewed friendships and new experiences
  • new contractors {the “Christian Soldiers”}
  • music, music, music
  • wonderful food and drink
  • the beautiful freedom of riding on the back of a motorbike sans helmet, the wind whipping my hair about
  • Dr. Frasier Crane  🙂

    …undoubtedly i could go on and on. there are so many people out there, friends and even strangers, who have touched me in some way over the past year – with humor, friendship, love, a tender word, a helping hand.

  • …or allowing me to help you, for those who know me understand that this is an integral part of herself……i am so very grateful…and now you are part of the intricate weaving that is the process of me.