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every choice is worth your while.

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frequent flyer

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looks like i’ve found a new place to hang out on the internet! i bookmarked “the free dictionary” long ago, when i had a dispute with an arrogant friend over the correct spelling of a seldom-used word.

recently, while re-editing some Fresh Whyvonne, i needed a synonym so as not to repeat the same adjective thrice in a paragraph…and re-visited the site. i am not entirely certain whether the page had been updated, or i just summarily dismissed all the clutter the first time ’round.

have a look for yourself! the page content is customizable; there is HANGMAN {i can never resist!}, a SPELLING BEE with easy, hard and expert words {although i disagree with the audio~dude’s pronunciation of some words}, WORD OF THE DAY, a WORD LIST {you can personalize and track recent search items}, MATCH UP, ARTICLE  OF THE DAY, THIS DAY IN HISTORY, QUOTATION OF THE DAY…

i am impressed! it certainly kick’s yahoo’s “word of the day”‘s ass six ways to sunday! {huh?} plus it’s just a handy on-line reference…

i plan on visiting often. go see for yourself…

“the Cafe Nervosa” {or, tossed salad & scrambled eggs}

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watching back-to-back re-runs of FRASIER, i recently had the pleasure of seeing some of the episodes from one of the first seasons. the writers are incredible {David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee}; line after line made me laugh out loud. at this point, it seems they are just beginning to establish the characters, so it’s a little over the top…but the chemistry between kelsey grammer and david hyde pierce is unmistakable and a thing of wonderment. memorable quotes

this particular episode {season 2, episode 3) featured nathan lane and aired in february 1995.

it is the only comedy series to date that has won 5 consecutive “outstanding comedy series” emmys. trivia       

now, if they would just bring back “the education of max bickford,” “joan of arcadia” and “dead zone,” this would be one deliriously happy girl.

off to,