…check all your expectations at the door.
perhaps then you will only be moderately disappointed.

 * * *


golden brown turkey stuffed with apples,
sweet potatoes, onions & celery
drizzled in golden olive oil and seasoned with
fresh cracked black pepper

          smells permeating the house;
          healthy, inviting, comforting
          calling up long-ago memories
          of childhood days gone by

family en route…
grandbaby so sweet and plump
full of blonde curls and merry laughter

          preparations of the day get carried out
          rather distractedly…


          somehow, a part of me
          would rather be
          enveloped in your robe
          in front of the fire;
          eating eggs ‘over hard’
          and toast, buttered and jellied
          arranged in neat geometry
          sipping orange juice and tea,
          listening to the wonder of stevie
          and rejoicing in the nearness of you.

november 2006


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