how some of you arrived here…

thus far, these are some of the bizaah search terms people have typed in and somehow ended up HERE:

  • australia huge boob
  • wetting her leotard
  • i am moving your heart {wondering what that feels like!}
  • snow heart
  • kings cross naked
  • things are needed in this fucking life
  • i come naked
  • meaning of ruined
  • the continent that lies within us {ouch!}
  • rudolph with sunglasses
  • eye art on bookmarks
  • physiology of hair
  • oh, come on, oh yes {don’t remember what that feels like!}
  • i love my T’s
  • how to know what lies within me {hmmm….}
  • power work and stupid people
  • little damn
  • my first name lies within a night that i…
  • masshole
  • gestapo domina {HUH?}
  • i’m sorry if i heard some feelings {what DOES that sound like?}
  • i’m down on my knees if you want me girl {ok, i’m down with that!}
    massachusetts electric chair photo
    seanmhathair audio

One Response to “how some of you arrived here…”

  1. My arrival was boring perhaps I shall try to make my departure more exciting…

    Nay, maybe next time.




    thanQ for dropping in, exciting or not…
    ~ y

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